650+ Drinking Team Names: Creative Titles for Your Squad

drinking team names generator

This day or evening is finally here! Time for relaxation, some drinks, and spending time with friends in your favorite pub or in the home backyard. All worries are behind. And you want to maximize the outcome from this time as much as you can by being creative. Party games and team building – yep! Let’s have more fun with it and find out catchy and funny drinking team names.

No worries. We have you covered and generated a bunch of hilarious group names for your drinking party.

Let the beer Olympics start now!

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100 Best Drinking Team Names

Feel free to pick any of these names that resonate with your group’s vibe and enjoy your drinking team’s adventures!!

drinking team names

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Funny Drinking Team Names Reddit Suggestions

Here’s a table with some of the Reddit users’ suggested drinking team names extracted from the comments:

Drinking Team Names
Team Blood Fuck
Cirrhosis. It is so metal.
Team boner alert
“Teh Foitin’ Oirish!!!!” (the fighting Irish with a brogue)
Double Penetration
The Shitface Twins
My couch pulls out but I don’t
The Hard-Hearted Harbingers of Hops
The Mongooses
The Pit and the Pendulum
Absinthe Addicts
Beer Bulimics
Cognac Cunts
Drinkers Delight
Yeastie Boys
Brew-Tang Clan
“Reddit Suggested Our Team Name”
“The Apathetic, Sympathetic, Diabetic old men on roller skates with a marked propensity towards procrastination and sloth”
“Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow”
Beer dicks
KoBeer Bryant, LePong James, and Tim Drunkan
The Other Gose
The Alcoholic Avengers
The Muggers
More Alcohol Creates Superior Students
Mothers Against Coherency, Sobriety, and Sensibility
Golden Guzzlers
Golden Girl Guzzlers
Tastes Like Burning
Move-in After Completion, Sloppy Seconds!
“D – Demonstrate value E – Engage physically N – Nurturing dependance N – Neglect emotionally I – Inspire hope S -Separate entirely”
“I’ve got my Magnum condoms, I’ve got my wad of hundreds, I’m ready to plow.”
the poisoned idiots
The Shit Faced
My Ass Can’t Succeed Solo
Mighty Association of Chugging Spring’s Sarsaparilla
Ted Kennedys?
Mothers Against Coherent, Sober Students
Don’t mess with us or we gonna get you, sucka
Ted Stevens Goes Down Faster Than Your Mom
Mothers Against Coherent Coitus? and Sobriety.

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